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Updated ​2018.  The Tractive GPS pet tracker is my favourite gps pet tracker at the time of writing this. Find out why I rate it #1 above all others and where to get it with free shipping today.

welcome to my Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Are you wondering if the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is the best GPS tracker for dogs and cats?

Are you after a gps dog tracker that works outside the US?

Are you looking for a real time gps tracker that shows you where your pet likes to escape to?

What about quality of material and ease of use?

Above all – is the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker actually worth the money?

Those important questions and more are ALL answered in this in-depth review of the Tractive GPS Pet tracker.

GPS Pet Tracker – Our Top Pick

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Another advantage of pet trackers is pricing. You can get a top quality pet tracker much cheaper than you think. At the end of the day what can a price can you put on the peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe.  This pet tracker is our top pick.

For those of you who want a gps pet tracker that is reliable, affordable and loved by pet owners worldwide, the best one is the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker.


I’ve talked about GPS trackers for dogs and cats before (here’s my blog post on my picks for the BEST pet trackers) but today I’m going to focus entirely on the Tractive GPS dog tracker today.

See the pictures of it below and you’ll see how easy it is to use (click on any picture to see it up close or to read consumer reviews).

NOTE:  All images in this gps tracker review are “clickable”.  If you see something that interests you, just click on the picture to get additional information, read in depth consumer reports and consumer reviews, check current pricing, etc, etc :).

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The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is currently the #1 bestseller on  If you are looking for an alternative to the Tagg Pet GPS Plus then this pet tracker should be carefully considered.

It can be a bit frustrating finding the best pet tracker for your needs so to make it easier for you in my review I’m going to go really in depth with all the features that this pet tracker has.

You’ll also be able to see lot of images so you can see for yourself how this pet tracker works and whether it’s right for you.

I’m also going to share with the pros and cons and also what consumers are actually saying about this wonderful pet tracker and also where I think you can get it for the cheapest price.  You can also click here and go directly to the Amazon listing for the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker if you want to check it out right now.

Pet Tracker Buying Tips

  1. ​Make Sure You Have Adequate Range For Your Needs
  2. Make Sure It Suits Your Environment & Pet Activity
  3. Make Sure Your Pet Tracker Is Easy To Setup
  4. Make Sure It Is The Right Size For Your Pet

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Tractive GPS How It Works

In the picture – Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

So let’s dig in and talk about pet trackers, which ones are the best to buy, and which you should avoid at all costs :).

Introducing The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

​The Tractive Pet Tracker has been created to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to locating your dog, cat or any other animal any time – day or night.

This pet gps works in more than 80 countries worldwide and at the time of writing is the #1 pet tracker on

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

How The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Works

In the picture – Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

​What Stands Out About The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker – Popular Features

​A Virtual Fence With Safe Zone

A wonderful feature of this pet gps device is the fact that you can create your own virtual fence around your home called the “Safe Zone”.

​When your pet leaves the “Safe Zone” that you have set you will instantly get an alert on your smartphone and/or via email.

​You can easily move this virtual fence anywhere in the world and define its size as you see fit such as your backyard, a public park, a campground :).

Tractive Pet Tracker

Locate your pet when they leave the safe zone

In the picture – Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

​Tractive Live Tracking

​The Live Tracking feature not only lets you track your pet live via the internet or via Tractive Mobile Apps on your smartphone, but also shows you where your pet was a few minutes earlier. Tractive sends an updated position every 2-3 seconds.

​Manage Your Pet’s Data & Medical Information With Ease

​A great feature in the Tractive Pet Tracker is the fact that you can also add important information regarding your pets via the Tractive apps such as allergies, upcoming vet appointments and also important vaccination appointments.

manage pet data with tractive

Manage Important Information About Your Pet With Tractive

In the picture – Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

​Turn On A Light Or Sound An Audible Beep On The Collar

​Another great feature is that the app allows you to turn on a light or an audible beep on the collar to make it even easier to see or hear your pet’s location :).

​Battery Status Updates

​The App will also give you an updated battery status and remind you when the battery is running low

​Some pet owners don’t use this product at home but when they take their pets on trips or to stay at different locations. When they do they activate the subscription and turn it off the rest of the time with ease.

​Who Is The Tractive Pet Tracker For & How To Use It

In the picture – Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

This pet tracker is perfect for large and active dogs.  The clips are VERY strong and secure and it is also water and swim-proof.

In my research of its effectiveness for cats, some cat owners complained that it’s too big for cats. However, if your cat is used to wearing a collar then it should be suitable.

​In my research I’ve also found cat owners who previously tried the Tagg pet tracker which was too large for their cat…

…but this device fits perfectly with one woman exclaiming “Calling all cat owners, this is for you!!”

I emailed the manufacturer for the most up to date information and was given the answer “every animal you would like to track”.  When I sought further clarification this was their response:


What Animal Does Tractive Track?

The realtime gps tracker is suitable for cats, dogs and other animals. The official manual states that it’s recommended for pets over 4.5 kilos (9 pounds).  Click here for more information.

​How Is The Traction Pet Tracker Attached – Is It Easy To Use?

​The Tractive Pet Tracker is attached to your pet’s collar. It is about the size of a tic tac box.


How To Attach The Tracker

In the picture – Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

​Does Tractive Pet Tracker Withstand The Environment & Is It High Quality?

​Yes, in my research many large very active dogs regularly use this pet gps device and the owners are happy with how well these pet trackers stand up against the elements and the activity.

​Is Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Waterproof?

Yes, it is water and swim-proof – so it’s perfect for active dogs and dogs who LOVE the water!​

​How Many Pets Does Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Track?

It will track one animal at a time as you need an individual tracker for each animal. That being said, the Tractive App allows you to add more than one animal so you can see the location of all your pets through that location.

​What Devices Is Tractive Pet Tracker Compatible With?

Tractive GPS How It Works

Devices That Work With The Tractive Pet Tracker

In the picture – Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

​Tractive works in over 80 countires and I will list the supported devices below:

Iphone: iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+

Android: SmartPhones using Android version 2.3 or higher

Note: You can use the Tractive GPS through a web browser if you don’t have a smartphone.  Click here to see if your device is compatible.

​Are There Any Other Costs After Purchase & Is Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Worth The Money?


It Uses A GPS Service To Locate Your Pets In Real Time

In the picture – Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

​Yes. It communicates with the app and Tractive website using cellular networks.

​While Tractive pays the cellular data fees rather than passing on those costs to you they do charge a small service fee which is a few dollars a month.

​However, there is no activation fee or any additional fees and you can decide to stop or restart the data service at any time.

Tip:  Some pet owners don’t use it at home but use it when they go hiking, bush walking or travel to different locations that their pets are unfamiliar with :O).​  You just activate the service and stop it whenever you need to.

NOTE:  This uses GPS technology.  If you are looking for a pet tracker that does not require a cellular service (ie uses radio frequency) then click here to read my reviews of these RF pet trackers:  Loc8tor Lite, Loc8tor Pet Handheld Cat Locator, and the Marco Polo Pet Monitoring, Tracking & Recovery System.​

​Can You Use Tractive Just Through A Web Browser?

​Yes, you can.

​What Is The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Battery Life?

​The battery life averages between 2-5 days and the battery fully recharges in just 2 hours so it’s ideal to recharge late in the evening or overnight.

​Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Dimensions

​51mm x 41mm x 15mm (2.0in x 1.6in x 0.6in)
As stated above it’s about the size of a tic tac container.

​Pros, Cons & Instruction Manual

​Tractive Pet Tracker Pros

This is the #1 pet tracker sold on and for good reason.

Not only can you track your pet’s location in real time but you can also view a history of places your pet likes to go.

The ability to set a virtual fence all over the world at any location is impressive. That means you will get an instant alert via your phone and/or email when this occurs – and the exact location of your pet.

Yes, there is a small monthly cost involved but at the end of the day, how much is your peace of mind and your pet worth to you?

I’ve lost a pet myself that was never found again. That is something you just don’t get over.

Buyers are frequently praising the sturdiness of the collar clips that come with the tracker. It comes with two clip sizes to fit your collar.​

​Tractive Pet Tracker Cons

​There have been a few comments about the battery draining fast. However, there is a power saving mode which allows you to have periodic gps updates if you prefer which increases the battery life. Also, as it’s very quick to charge when it does drain, you can easily do that overnight when your pet is sleeping :).

There have also been a few comments about any help via the app or online to be somewhat lacking. Hopefully that will improve as the tech wear industry for pets becomes more popular.

There have been some comments about gps delays or intermittent service. I guess as it relies on cellular networks, it’s much like your mobile phone. You will go to some places and have great mobile coverage and others you won’t.

I’ve personally lived in two houses where the best mobile phone coverage we’ve had is when talking in the backyard. That’s just how it goes unfortunately sometimes and has nothing to do with the pet tracker itself.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Manual Online Here: Manual 

​Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Features

  • LIVE Tracking Feature
  • Water and swim-proof
  • Virtual fence with alerts
  • You can remotely activate light and sound on the collar
  • Works with android, iOS devices and online via pc

What’s In The Box

  • Tractive GPS pet tracking device
  • 2 collar clips in two different sizes
  • Tractive A/C adapter
  • USB cable with charging clamp
  • Manual

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Price & Where To Buy It?

Check it out below to see the Tractive GPS Pet Tracking Device & today’s savings:

The Tractive Pet Tracker Is The #1 Bestseller On Amazon


Tractive Pet Tracker ​Consumer Reviews

I have found a great many buyers love this pet tracker for both dogs — particularly large and active dogs — and cats.

Some buyers have had the same tracker for a number of years and they are very happy with them.

Some buyers have become repeat buyers because they love the features so much.

There are a great many features to love about this  pet tracker including the virtual fence feature and alerts, the ability to make a light go on on the collar or for it to make an audible sound to make it even easier to find your pet.

It’s also a great friend to take with you when you go hiking or travelling with your pets.

Dog and cat owners alike love the sturdiness of the collar clips given that cats are avid climbers and jumpers and dogs like huskies love to run, run, run — and play.

The fact that it’s also water and swim-proof make it a real plus in my mind.

You can read all the reviews here.

My Final Thoughts

​When I review a pet tracker, it’s not always possible to be able to physically get my hands on it myself so I spend many hours online going through product sites, manuals, and also relying heavily on comments that buyers have left after purchase.

I found quite a number of reviews from buyers who have had the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker for an extended period of time and they are very happy.

That’s a very good sign.

Practically everyone has commented on the sturdiness of the collar clips, particularly with very active pets. That is another very good sign.

It’s definitely lighter and smaller than some of the other pet tracking devices around.

Many have commented how reliable this device is and that it gives them real peace of mind both at home and when going outdoors and travelling that they will always be able to find their much-loved pet faster than ever before.

I feel that negative comments regarding coverage really have little to do with the tracking device itself but, rather, the cellular network where the user is located — which ultimate is out of Tractive’s control and shouldn’t be held responsible for.

There are a great many features to love about this Tractive pet tracker including the virtual fence feature and alerts, the ability to make a light go on on the collar or for it to make an audible sound to make it even easier to find your pet.

It’s also a great friend to take with you when you go hiking or travelling with your pets.

I highly recommend the Tractive GPS Pet Tracking device.  It does what the name suggests.

I very happily give it a 4 out of 5 star rating.

​Where To Buy The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker?

 You’ll find the store that consistently has it for the lowest price below (with free shipping an option).

The Tractive Pet Tracker Is The #1 Bestseller On Amazon

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Tractive Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Is this tracker too big for cats?

It’s just the same size of a tic-tac box.

Does the system work with iPhone 6 Plus with Verizon service?

Yes it does.

Does this tracker work with United States mobile phones?


Will the collar still work with separate shock collars?


Does this tracker work outside the United States?

Yes, it does.

Is there a battery indicator with Tractive?

You can check the battery status using the app but you will also get an email notification when the battery is getting low.

Does the Tractive tracker have monthly subscription?

Yes it has.

Is the Tractive tracker waterproof?

Yes it is.

Can I use Tractive tracker to track my car?

Yes you can.

Are there any other items needed to make this tracker work?

No, it works as it is.

Is it possible to use the tracker on a harness?


Is it possible to activate the tracker on laptop and use it on phone?


How accurate is the GPS fix?

It depends on a clear view of the satellites.

Is it possible to attach this tracker on a rolled leather collar?


Does the Tractive tracker work like an activity monitor?


Can I use this tracker to track 2 dogs?

You will need a tracker for each dog.  This is a great pet tracker for multiple dogs.

Does this tracker work with laptop to track pets?

Yes it does.

Is the monthly fee still the same if I have two or more trackers?

No, you need to pay monthly fee for each tracker.

Will the tracker still work even when you’re travelling?


I highly recommend this Tractive pet tracker.  Click here to find out today’s lowest price.

Got a question about this Tractive tracker that hasn’t been answered in this review?  Please ask in the comments below and I will answer it asap :).

Still unsure if this is the right pet tracker for you?  Click here to compare pet trackers side by side.​

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