Tractive Versus Tagg Pet Tracker Comparison – Winner Inside

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker versus Tagg Pet GPS Plus


I’m going to answer this for you. I’ll provide you with an overview of not just the features offered by each, but an expert’s view on the overall benefits to the consumer.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker and Tagg Pet GPS Plus are both within the top 3 of the best GPS pet trackers available today, but one is categorically better than the other. I’m going to explain why this is in a moment.

First, let’s talk about what makes them great individually. We’ll use this as our basis of comparison so that you can easily see for yourself which one is a better deal. It’ll also help you discover which one might be a better fit for you and your own pets.

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How Do You Define the Best GPS Pet Tracker Out There?


There a few important features that we must cover. While we’ll dig into many of the features that both Tagg GPS Plus and Tractive pet tracker offer, there are some more important aspects we’ll use to guide us through this comparison.

These are listed below.

tractive gps pet tracker versus tagg pet gps plus

Tagg Pet GPS Plus

First, we’ll look at how the tracker is attached. Tagg pet tracker is quite simple to attach and is very lightweight. It goes right onto the collar of your pet, and is quite comfortable to carry and lightweight. Tagg ranks high in this area.

Tractive GPS is even smaller and just as easy to attach. It ranks ever higher than Tagg, due to the fact that it is suitable for even smaller animals than cats, as long as they weigh at least nine pounds. A clear winner in this category with quite a few cat owners switching from Tagg to Tractive.

Next, we need to understand the durability of the product. Just because a tracker is easy for a dog to wear, does not necessarily mean that it’s suitable. We’ll look at areas such as water submergibility and their ability to withstand adverse temperatures.

Let’s take a look now.

Tagg Pet GPS Plus is great for very active pets. It’s also waterproof and submersible, but its manual clearly suggests not leaving it under water for longer periods of time.

How about Tractive GPS Pet Tracker?

waterproof pet tracker

Tractive is both water and swim-proof. It’s incredibly durable, and can stay under water as long as your pet chooses. The line between the two is slim, but Tractive again comes in first.

What’s the next area?

It’s compatibility. You need to know whether or not your pet tracker actually works with the electronic device(s) that you use. Let’s say, for example, that you use an Apple smartphone. Well, if the pet tracker company has put considerable investment into an app that only works with Android smartphones, it may not be a wise choice to select this tracker for your pet.

That’s not all.

Tractive GPS How It Works

The pet tracker company may not offer an app at all. If you do not own a PC, it may be impossible for you to actually track your pet, making the tracker a useless investment.

Let’s explore this area now in more detail.

Both Tagg and Tractive offer iOS, Android as well as web service. There is no clear winner here so far, although one is more costly than the other. While Tractive offers monthly service for only a few dollars per month, Tagg offers the same service for a little extra per year. However, it is worth noting that there have been numerous comments by Tagg users about the app requiring an update.

Tagg does have a discount option that doesn’t offer as many features, but due to the Tractive app seeming more reliable, once again Tractive wins.

What we’re going to do now is look at the pros and cons of each tracker, and then compare the overall score of each. This way, we truly know which one offers the better value.

Let’s begin now.

The Pros and Cons of Tagg Pet GPS Plus


First, without a doubt, it is a fan favorite. Out of all of the products on, it’s currently rated as #1 in cat collars and cat ID tags. This does not mean, however, that it’s the best overall pet tracker, or even the best cat collar. It simply means they deliver a solid product, and thus have a customer base who comes back again and again to buy their stuff. Clearly it is a bestseller.

Let’s move on.

daily Tagg activity goal

Set Daily Tagg Activity Goals

Tagg offers data about your pet that you might not have access to through other trackers. This includes being able to check your pet’s health and activity levels, so you’re always aware if something’s wrong or needs to be checked out.

You’ve also got access to temperature readings. This is quite a valuable feature because your pet can become extremely uncomfortable or even endangered under some temperature conditions and with Tagg you will get alerted when their surrounding temperature is too hot or too cold.

Here’s what’s more.

It’s also intuitive and durable. The battery will last slightly longer, but it also has a bunch of battery-saving options that will in no way affect your service. Not only that but at the time of writing you get your first month free.

Now for the cons.

First and foremost, it only works in the US, which is a great limiting factor even if you’re a US citizen who enjoys to travel with your pets. There are also some greater flaws when looked at collectively.

The actual tracking is made a bit more difficult when compared to Tractive. For example, the Tagg device does not emit a sound or light when you are searching for your pet which can be of valuable assistance. Comments have been made of it producing inaccurate tracking information.

There are some other serious flaws we should talk about.

For one, this company doesn’t seem to offer the best customer support which I experienced firsthand. From what many customers believe to be an out-of-date app to poor packaging, there seems to be a lot of work that needs to be done to complement Tagg’s benefits.

Here’s an example.

I requested an answer to a simple question when I was investigating the Tagg Pet Tracker which took 4 days to return a single sentence reply. This is definitely not a winning aspect for Tagg.

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Pros and Cons – Tractive GPS Pet Tracker


Tractive is excellent at what it does. What’s further, there aren’t any major drawbacks which can take away from the overall benefits of using this tracker. Let’s explore some of the pros.

First, remember I mentioned that Tagg only works in the US. Well, Tractive works in over 80 countries so it’s perfect for taking with you should you travel with your pet to other countries.

tractive dog gps

Locate your pet when they leave the safe zone

Second, it’s a really smart and helpful device. You’re not only given an exact, up-to-the-moment location of your pets, but also a history of their most frequently visited places.

Now for the cons.

As we talked about before, Tractive is an incredibly durable product, but some consumers have argued that it loses its charge quickly, requiring frequent charges. This is not such a bad feature however, as the battery charges quickly. This will allow you to have access to tracking features when you need them, and charge them in those convenient periods when you don’t. There are also power saving features which offer a lot of middle ground.

That’s not all.

dual directional technology

Service can be slow. Tractive relies mostly on cellular networks (just like Tagg does), and cellular networks can sometimes lose reliability. Of course this is really not a flaw in Tractive’s integrity but one reason why pet owners choose radio frequency pet trackers.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Versus Tagg Pet GPS Plus – Who WINS?

It’s a tough decision. Both offer excellent features. Tagg clearly has a lot of extras that Tractive does not have. That being said, there are quite essential features which Tractive offers comprehensively that Tagg lags behind in.

Let’s discover which is truly better.

Being a pet owner, you know how important the safety of your pet is to you. So far, I believe Tractive has the advantage when it comes to being able to locate your pet in real time and also having superior gps app support as well as customer support.

Let’s compare extra features.

Tagg basically offers benefits that make it much more than a simple pet tracking device, but a way to be in touch with your pet as whole with activity tracking and a temperature sensor. If these features are important to you then Tagg is clearly the winner for you..

Here’s the bottom line.

Both are valuable products. Neither of them offer perfect customer support, but the industry is still expanding, allowing some leeway in this area. Ongoing complaints about the Tagg app as well as comments on poor packing and poor customer service that I also personally experienced for me make Tractive a clear winner in what seems to be a very close race. If Tagg can fix these things in the future, given its expanded features and benefits, I believe Tagg can take the lead. Only time will tell 🙂

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