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tagg pet tracker

The Tagg Pet tracker is a fitness and activity tracker. But some people claim it’s not as good as it could be. Find out the truth in my in depth review here.

Hi, I’m Karin and welcome to my Tagg Pet Tracker review.

In my comprehensive review of this pet tracker I have found that a low of pet owners have had a lot of questions, significantly more than I’ve seen with other pet trackers I’ve reviewed.

These are just some of the questions that have been highlighted in my research:

  • Is The Tagg GPS plus suitable for a small dog or cat
  • How much does the Pet Tracker cost?
  • What are the monthly fees to use the Tagg dog tracker?
  • Does Tagg track your pet live or is there a delay?
  • I’ve seen poor Tagg reviews regarding the company, concerns about the Tagg pet tracker app not being up to scratch, and possible customer service issues, what’s going on?
  • Has the Tagg pet tracker app been improved on?
  • What is the Tagg Pet Tracker battery life like compared to other pet trackers?
  • Can Tagg pet tracking device be used anywhere in the world or just in the US?
  • What about the quality of material and ease of use and setup?
  • Above all, is the Tagg Pet Tracker actually worth the money?

Those important questions and more are ALL answered in this in-depth review of the Tagg dog GPS pet tracker which works for cats too, depending on the size.

In a hurry?

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Pet Tracker & Fitness Activity Monitor – Our Top Pick


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I’ve talked about pet trackers before (here’s my blog post on my picks for the BEST pet trackers) but today I’m going to focus entirely on the Tagg Pet GPS Plus pet tracking device.  What sets this pet tracker apart from many others on the market is the fact that this is also an activity tracker with some great features.

What I found particularly appealing about it initially was the fact that it had a temperature sensor so it would send alerts when i sensed that your pet was in an area that was too hot or too cold.

Unfortunately Tagg/Whistle decided to remove this feature and it is no longer available.

I have recently reviewed a pet tracker and activity monitor in one and I rate it higher than Tagg for many reasons.  You can read my fitness tracker review here.​

Meanwhile, in my Tagg review you will be able to see the pictures of it below and you’ll see how easy it is to use (click on any picture to see it up close or to read Tagg dog GPS reviews).​

NOTE:  All images on this Tagg pet tracker webpage are “clickable”.  If you see something that interests you, just click on the picture to get additional information, read in depth consumer reports and consumer reviews, check current pricing, etc, etc :).

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If you are looking for an alternative to the bestseller Tractive GPS Pet Tracker or our top pick doesn’t do it for you then there’s a lot to love about this pet tracker.  Buying a pet tracker can be a daunting task so to help make it easier for you in my review I’m going to go really in depth with all the features that the Tagg Pet GPS Plus has going for it.

I’m also going to include lots of images so you can how it really works.  I’m also going to share with you the pros and cons and also what consumers actually say about the Tagg GPS Plus and also where I think you can get it for the cheapest price.  You can also click here and go directly to the Amazon listing for the Tagg Pet GPS Plus if you want to check it out right now.

Pet Tracker Buying Tips

  1. ​Make Sure You Have Adequate Range For Your Needs
  2. Make Sure It Suits Your Environment & Pet Activity
  3. Make Sure Your Pet Tracker Is Easy To Setup
  4. Make Sure It Is The Right Size For Your Pet

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tagg pet tracker

So let’s dig in and talk about pet trackers, which ones are the best to buy, and which you should avoid at all costs :).

Tagg Pet GPS Plus Review

​The Tagg website claims this is the world’s most popular GPS Pet Tracker.

This is currently not the number 1 bestseller on Amazon.com but they have JUST released a brand new feature that could really push the Tagg dog tracker through the roof….

…An air temperature sensor.

WARNING:  The manufacturers no longer offer a temperature sensor with the Tagg Pet Tracker 🙁

Before I go further into my Tagg GPS Plus review let me share with you a story…

...Christian’s dog got out and he used this system and it tracker his dog right into the passenger seat of someone’s vehicle. IF it wasn’t for her Tagg plus device, she’d be gone!

tagg pet tracker contents

Tagg will monitor your pet’s surroundings and alert you when they get TOO hot or too cold (brand new feature released in July 2015).

Pardon the pun, but how COOL is that!! It’s easy for us to forget our furry friends when it comes to their environment so this is a really wonderful feature.

I have just added a review of another pet tracker and activity monitor in one that may interest you.  Click here to read my Pod 2 GPS review.​

Tagg Pet Tracker Acquired By Whistle – How This Affects You

tagg pet tracker

On 29 January 2015 Whistle announced to the world that it had acquired the Tagg Pet Tracker. This acquisition allowed Whistle to integrate a pet tracker and fitness activity tracker into their range of products.

Important Things You Need To Know With The Acquisition Of The Tagg Pet Tracker

If you are wondering where you should go if you have support issues it is still via the Tagg official website.

Tagg customers are now upgraded to the Whistle-branded platform. The migration occurred around October 2015. At this time Whistle became aware of bugs within their app (not their pet trackers) and seem to have worked hard to resolve these issues.

Unfortunately, there still seems to be issues with the app with many buyers voicing their disappointment.

I do, however, see a very active customer support team at Whistle who seem 100% committed in making users of their products happy and are keen to hear about all feedback from users.

During my investigation and review I’ve seen countless comments about how happy pet owners were prior to Whistle acquiring Tagg and how unhappy some of them have become since Whistle took over.

“As a former Tagg user, I have to say that Whistle suffers in comparison”.

One buyer even found the Whistle packaging offensive, referring to your dog as an “it”.

What seemed to be a perfect pet tracker unfortunately stopped working or became very unreliable for some dog and cat owners.

In fact, one pet owner even commented about how he became terrified one day when he received an alert that his dog had left “the Whistle zone” only to discover that he was right inside his house.

There have also been repeated comments that updates in location are very slow.

How does the pet activity tracker rate now that Whistle has taken over?

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to rate too well. In fact, two dogs running in the same field resulted in vastly different numbers on the activity tracker.

How about the Whistle maps?

Once again, the maps do not seem to be as good.

What About Whistle Billing?​

Unfortunately I’ve also seen a number of complaints regarding credit card charges. One user claimed to have been billed 8 times in the one month and another person has to dispute the charge every month on his credit card, and every month it reappears.

What About Tagg Warranties?​

With Tagg GPS pet trackers, all existing Tagg warranty terms still apply.

The new Whistle pet tracker does not have the temperature sensor. It was found to cause conflicts such as when pets were sitting in warm spots in front of the fire and so they opted to discontinue that feature.

Hopefully those at Whistle will take notice of one comment I read today, “But I’m sure that Whistle is very aware that the moment a product comes out that is even a little better than theirs, all the former Tagg people are going to jump ship and jump fast. Whistle needs to seriously step up their game if they’re going to stay at all afloat in the world of pet gps trackers”…

If you are looking for a more reliable pet tracker and pet activity monitor in one I would highly recommend you read my Pod 2 GPS review.

pod 2 gps

What Stands Out About The Tagg Pet GPS – How Does Tagg Pet Tracker Work

​Set Your Pet’s Home Zone

​With this pet tracker you get to set your pet’s home zone or safe zone and you’ll receive a notification if they go wandering off using its award winning GPS pet tracking system.

The Tagg Zone inside Tagg Pet Tracker

The Tagg Zone

In the picture – Tagg Pet GPS Plus

Nationwide Coverage

It uses both cellular and gps technology to most accurately pinpoint your pet’s location throughout the US.

Tagg pet tracker map

The Tagg Zone Alert System

In the picture – Tagg Pet GPS Plus

​Text & Email Alerts

Tagg Pet GPS Plus will send you texts, emails or notfications via their SmartPhone app so that you’ll get instant notifications when your pet wanders off.

You can also view the Tagg map online to see where your pet is at any time online and also to track their activity.

gps tagg for dogs

How Tagg works

In the picture – Tagg Pet GPS Plus

​Track Your Pet’s Activity & Rest

This pet gps has been designed to keep your pet healthy as it monitors both their activity and rest so that you can get an insight into their behaviour and health.

tagg activity tracking

Tagg Activity Tracking

In the picture – Tagg Pet GPS Plus

​It has a motion sensor which calculates your pet’s activity level on a daily basis with these categories: Rest, light, activity, moderate activity and high activity.

Tagg Activity Tracker

Tagg Activity Tracker

In the picture – Tagg Pet GPS Plus

Your pet’s activity is then translated into Tagg points so that you can actually set fitness goals for your pet and also to be aware of any potential life-threatening health trends.

Tagg activity points

Tagg Activity Points

In the picture – Tagg Pet GPS Plus

daily Tagg activity goal

Set Daily Tagg Activity Goals

You can even share your pet’s activity with friends and family via Facebook!

​Air Temperature Sensor

​I’ve touched on this already. This is a GREAT feature, don’t you think? You’ll get additional peace of mind as you’ll be instantly alerted when your pet’s surroundings gets too hot or cold.

​Ruggedized & Durable

This pet tracker has been specifically created to keep up with your playful and active pets.


This pet tracking device is both waterproof and swim-proof so the more active your pet is the better :).

Tagg Pet Tracker Battery Life

Curious to know how to charge the Tagg Pet Tracker?  It’s easy.  It utilizes a durable Li-Ion battery with brand new technology that lasts over 10 days on average.
As this pet tracker has its own docking station, when it communicates with it when you are home it will actually stay in power-saving mode when the tracker is nearby.
This is a great feature.​

​Add Contacts

​You can add up to five contacts — friends, family and neighbours – so that they are informed about your pet’s whereabouts and also receive notifications about them.

Add Contacts To Tagg

Add Contacts To Tagg

In the picture – Tagg Pet GPS Plus

​Customize Notification

A great feature of the Tagg Pet Tracker is that you can customize what notifications you receive. You can even receive set an alert if the tracker accidentally detaches from your pet.

customize notifications with the tagg gps plus tracker

Customize Notifications With Tagg

Who Is The Tagg Dog Collar For & How To Use It?

Tagg Collar

Who Is Tagg For?

In the picture – Tagg Pet GPS Plus

​Currently it is sold in the US only so if you live in another country you will need to look at another tracker such as the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker which is available in over 80 countries.

​This tracker is designed for pets over 10 lbs and weighs 1.16 oz.

I would imagine it would be too large and heavy for a small cat or dog. In fact, some cat owners have initially purchased this pet tracker and have quickly moved to the Tractive which you can read about here

​What Animal Does The Tagg Pet GPS Track

​It tracks dogs and cats with ease, just make sure that your pet size is suitable for the size of the tracker.

I emailed Tagg for clarification regarding the kind of animals that can use the Tagg Pet GPS Plus.  I have to be honest with you, I was very surprised at the amount of time that it took to get a response.  When I contacted other pet tracker manufacturers I consistently got a response within a few hours.  With Tagg I waited for 4 days before I heard back from them.  This is their response:​

​How To Attach Tagg Collar & Pet Tracker

In the picture – Tagg Pet GPS Plus

Tagg Pet GPS Plus

Tagg Pet GPS Plus

​The tracker is attached via collar clip attachment to your pet’s collar.  Overall Tagg pet tracker setup is very easy.

​Does Tagg Pet GPS Withstand The Environment?

​Yes it does. In fact, it’s “ruggedized” and built to last with very active pets.

​Is Tagg Pet GPS Pet Tracker Waterproof?

​Yes, it is both waterproof and swim-proof, though the manual states it shouldn’t be submerged for significantly long periods.

​How Many Pets Does Tagg Track?

​Each collar and tracker tracks one animal, though you can add multiple pets via the Tagg app and website.

​Which Devices Is Tagg Pet Tracker Compatible With?

​The Tagg App allows you to track your pets via both iPhone and Android smartphones. You can also view your pet’s location via web browser so it is compatible with both pcs and macs.

Tagg Tracking Suitable Devices

Tagg Tracking Suitable Devices

​Tagg Pet Tracker Monthly Fee – Are There Any Other Costs After Purchase?

​Yes. It uses America’s most reliable cellular network to help you track your pet at all times. They offer both a monthly service plan with discounted rates for plans that are paid annually.

NOTE: It uses GPS technology.  If you prefer a pet tracker that does not require a cellular service (ie uses radio frequency) then click here to read my reviews of these RF pet trackers: Loc8tor Lite, Loc8tor Pet Handheld Cat Locator, and the Marco Polo Pet Monitoring, Tracking & Recovery System.​​

​Can You Use Tagg Pet Tracker Just Through A Web Browser?

​Yes, you can.

​What Is The Tagg Pet GPS Plus Battery Life?

​It has a great battery life with 10+ days claimed on the website on average.

​Tagg Pet Tracker Dimensions

​1.2 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches

It weighs 1.1 ounces

​If you’re unsure of the weight then attach something similar in weight to your animal’s current collar and see if it seems too heavy.

Tagg Pet Tracker Review Video


​Pros, Cons & Instruction Manual

​Tagg Pet Tracker Pros

​At the time of writing it is currently #1 in cat collars and cat ID tags on amazon.com.

The fact that you can track your pets in realtime and get fast alerts if they wander off is a real plus.

Not only do you get alerts but it also provides you with maps and directions so that you can find your pet as easily as possible.

Being able to track your pet’s activity and overall health and behaviour is also very valuable as it can give you insight into a possible decline in health that you may not normally notice.

One of the best features without a doubt is the air temperature sensor. This feature alone is a real lifesaver with alerts when your pet’s environment is becoming too hot or too cold.

Being durable, waterproof and swim-proof also means it’s great for active and larger pets.

The battery life is exemplary with its power saving mode feature when close to home base a great addition.

It has a great feature so that when you take your dog for a walk you can set the device to snooze so that you won’t get any alerts and drain your battery.

The fact that neighbours and other friends and family members can also receive alert notifications is a great safety measure also.

It also comes with 30 days free service.

Tagg Pet Tracker Cons

​The biggest con by far is the fact that this will only work in the US. If you are in another location you will want to look at another alternative.  Please read my Pod 2 review as it works in over 170 countries around the world and is also a fitness tracker.

​Unlike the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker, this pet tracker is missing the ability to make the device emit a sound when you are trying to locate your pet.

​Some users have commented on the tracking being somewhat inaccurate.

Others have commented on slow customer service and poor packaging.

Some users have commented on the app needing an update.

The tag is rather large and bulky and some pet owners think it could look more appealing.

I’ve read about quite a few owners buying this pet tracker and finding it too large and bulky for their cat and when they switched over to the Tractive GPS pet tracker it was more suitable.  As always, knowing how much your animal weighs will help you with picking the right pet tracker for you — particularly cats.​

​Tagg Pet Tracker Manual Online Here: Manual

​Tagg GPS Pet Tracker Features

  • Sets Tagg Safe Zone
  • Nationwide (US) Coverage
  • Text & Email Alerts
  • Maps & Directions
  • Track Dog’s Activity & Rest
  • Air Temperature Sensor
  • 10 Day Battery Life
  • Waterproof & Swim-Proof
  •  30 Days Free Service

What Comes With The Tagg Pet Tracker

  • 1 Tracker
  • 1 Charging Base Station
  • Collar Clip Attachment
  • Power Kit
  • Quick Start Guide

Tagg Pet Tracker Price – Tagg Pet Tracker Best Buy

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Check it out below to see the Tagg Pet GPS Plus & today’s savings:


Tagg Reviews

My review for Tagg pet tracker is based on extensive research online and reading countless reviews from people who have used this pet tracker.

In the pros and cons section above I have alluded to some of the comments that have been made. It has been on the market for a while and there are many reviews online for this pet tracker. It seems evenly split down the middle with some being incredibly impressed with it and highly recommending it as a pet tracker, while others being disappointed.

​The combination of low price and extensive features are attractive to pet owners.  It appears that customer service has been letting down this device.

​One user commented that a great addition would be being able to have an audible sound that you could enable remotely to help you find your pet. The Tractive pet tracker does have this feature if this is important to you.

You can read all the reviews here.

My Final Thoughts

​When I review a pet tracker, it’s not always possible to be able to physically try it myself so an extensive period of time — days in fact — is spent researching every tracker by going through product sites, manuals and also relying heavily on what actual buyers have said after they’ve tried the tracker for themselves.

​I have found many reviews from buyers who love their Tagg Pet GPS Plus and have one in place for every pet that they own.

That’s a very good sign.

The fact that the Tagg pet tracker app has not been updated in a signficant period of time is a concern, however Tagg was recently taken over by Whistle and hopefully that will no longer be a concern.  I will keep you updated with any improvements.

It has more features than I’ve seen in most other pet trackers which are very valuable features.

I happily give the Tagg dog collar 3.5 out of 5 stars and would be open to amending my rating when I see more consistency with positive reviews online.

GPS Pet Tracker – Our Top Pick


Another advantage of pet trackers is pricing. You can get a top quality pet tracker much cheaper than you think. At the end of the day what can a price can you put on the peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe.  The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is our top pick.

For those of you who want a gps pet tracker that is reliable, affordable and loved by pet owners worldwide, the best one is the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker.

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In the picture – Tagg Pet GPS Plus