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Are You Curious To Know How Does A Pet Tracking Device Work?

how does a pet tracker work

​Hmmm, “how DOES a pet tracking device work?”

That’s a great question, and one that I’m going to answer on this page as I welcome to the wonderful world of pet tracking.

We all love our furry friends so much, we will do absolutely anything possible to make sure they are happy and safe at all times — and not at risk of getting themselves into sticky and dangerous situations that they can’t get out of.

The best way for you to do that is by using a pet tracking device so that you know where they are at all times — and if they do manage to stray, you can quickly find them and bring them back to the home they love.

Now my pet tracker consumer website is all about the best pet trackers.

Ultimately there are two styles of pet trackers that are best suitable for home use.

These are:

GPS Pet Trackers

Pet Trackers with Radio Frequency

Let me explain how these two different pet tracking devices work so you can decide which one is right for you.

1. How GPS Pet Trackers Work

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

How The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Works

When you put a gps dog or cat collar on your pet you are allowing Global Positioning Systems to trace your pet to both specific physical co-ordinates and addresses.

GPS pet trackers rely on cellular networks so expect to pay a small service fee to use them.

The gps pet tracker then communicates with you via a smartphone app on your phone and also online via a particular website.

One of the reasons pet owners love gps pet trackers is having the ability to track your pet in realtime and being able to see their current position on a map via the app on your phone or on the website.

Some particularly popular gps pet trackers are

Should your pet venture off or become lost you will be able to find your pet’s location on the map (maps and directions are not given on pet trackers that rely on radio frequency).

A pet tracker relying on radio frequency technology will not give you a map or directions to work with.
However, should you go to areas with your pet where you have little to no cellular coverage (say hiking or camping), a pet tracking device that relies on radio frequency and not a cellular network may be the better choice for you as its equally effective in urban areas and remote areas and is not affected by cellular coverage.

2. How RF Pet Trackers Work

There are two parts to a radio frequency pet tracking device.

There is a tag or collar (transmitter) that your pet wears. There is also a locator (receiver) which you can carry on you or leave somewhere handy around the home or office.

Radio-frequency based pet tracker technology claims to be able to provide a much greater range than gps tracking devices (this is particularly so with the Marco Polo Monitoring System with a huge 2 mile range); and a much greater accuracy than gps dog and cat collars (this is particularly true with Loc8tor Lite & Loc8tor Cat Locator) being able to track within just 1 inch which is nothing short of incredible. You also don’t have to pay for a cellular network service fee so many pet owners see this as a more affordable option.

Now that you have more of an understanding of how the two pet tracking styles work click here to be taken straight to my pet tracker reviews where I have published my latest in depth reviews, after spending many days thoroughly investigating pet trackers on the market — and what pet owners love AND don’t love about them so you can be confident in choosing the right pet tracker for you and your pet.


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