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​The Loc8tor Lite has received awards for its tracking ability. But some claim it’s not as accurate as it could be. Find out the truth in my in depth review.

Is the Loc8tor Lite pet tracker REALLY worth the money and one of the best pet (and everything) trackers on the market?

Are there other pet tracker options other than the Loc8tor Lite Pet Tracker?

Is this just a novelty gadget or a top quality pet tracker?

Is it easy to use?

Is the beep loud enough?

Does it work to find cell phones and luggage or is it just a tagged pet tracker?

Above all – is it worth the money?

Those important questions and more are ALL answered in this in-depth Loc8tor review.

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I’ve talked about pet trackers before (here’s my blog post on my picks for the BEST pet trackers) but today I’m going to focus entirely on the Loc8tor Lite pet tracking device.

Hi, I’m Karin and welcome to my Loc8tor Lite review — loc8tor tags that are suitable for not only cats and dogs but also all your personal items.

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Important Pet Tracker Buying Tips

  1. ​Make Sure You Have Adequate Range For Your Needs
  2. Make Sure It Suits Your Environment & Pet Activity
  3. Make Sure Your Pet Tracker Is Easy To Setup
  4. Make Sure It Is The Right Size For Your Pet

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The tracking market is relatively new but extremely popular as pet owners worldwide are trying to safeguard their furry family members from coming to any harm – or losing them forever.

I have spent considerable time investigating this pet tracker — a relatively new personal item and pet tracking device.

As you go through my very in depth review I’ll answer your most common questions and go into great detail with what’s to like about this device and what needs improvement.

As you go through my review you will be able to view a lot of screenshots and images so that you can visualize exactly how this device works.

So let’s dig in and talk about pet trackers, which ones are the best to buy, and which you should avoid at all costs :).

What Is Loc8tor Lite And How Is It Suitable For Cats,
Dogs & Just About Anything

In the picture Loc8tor Lite Pet Tracker​

personal items locator

​It’s important that you understand that if you are
looking for a tracking device for dogs or cats that
allows you to create a “safe zone” where you receive an
alert as soon as your pet escapes the safe zone the
Loc8tor Lite Pet Locator is not for you.

The Loc8Tor Lite can only be used to locate. It doesn’t actually stop your pet from going
anywhere by alerting you promptly when they leave a
predesignated area.​

​If you are after a pet tracker that actually allows you to create a safe zone area then  I suggest you read
this Tractive GPS Pet Tracker review

​In Depth Loc8tor Lite Review…

find your keys with Loc8tor

In the picture Loc8tor Lite Pet Tracker​

​Have you ever misplaced your doorkey and experienced the expense of having to change your lock to get a new key made?

Have you ever been late for an important event because you can’t find your keys…your phone…your wallet?

Well, that can all now become a thing of the past with this device — suitable for all things furry and everything you misplace around the house…

​We all know that cats are famous for actually having 9
lives, which they seem to risk on a regular basis by
climbing trees or houses, by getting stuck under your
house or up trees, getting trapped in sheds and garages
and other small spaces without much thought.

​Loc8tor Lite is suitable for not only dogs and cats but also for tracking other valuables because of the weight and size of the mini homing tag.

​This is suitable for not only dogs and cats but
also for tracking other valuables because of the weight
and size of the mini homing tag.

​It saved one cat’s life. He’s old and blind, got out and
got lost. This cat tracker found him!

​”Loc8tor Lite Saved My Pet’s Life!”

Another cat owner had the same experience.
Here’s what happened…

​His cat had been hit by a car and dragged himself into a
crawlspace underneath a house down the road. He had
severe internal injuries and it’s the owner’s belief that
he had crawled under the house to die.

​It was raining and this was actually the first time that
the cat owner had ever used the device. He covered the
locator with a baggie to keep the water off it and walked
up his street — noticeably to an area where his cat
doesn’t normally wander off to.

​All of a sudden, he received a signal!

It was a weak one but it was a hopeful signal nonetheless.

​Thankfully, his kitty made it through the night with 8
more lives to enjoy thanks to this pet tracker!

In the picture Loc8tor Lite Pet Tracker​

Loc8tor Lite Finds Everything

1000s of people worldwide are regular using Loc8tor Lite mini homing tags to find their misplaced (or valuable) possessions.

​Losing important every day items can cause a lot of
stress to everyone in your household.

​Its unique directional technology means that
you can easily add it to personal items such as:

  • Keys
  • TV Remotes
  • Music Players
  • Tablets
  • Wallets
  • Mobile Phones
  • Suitcases
  • Purses
  • Cameras

camera tracking device

​I mean, how many times does someone in your household
ask, “Have you seen my…”

In the picture Loc8tor Lite Pet Tracker​

It happens all the time in my home :).

​Keys are often lost in houses. For me personally, I am always forgetting where I’ve actually put down my mobile phone.

Given that this is only 0.17 ounces, you can
attach this tiny tag to practically anything you like :).

​TIP: Do you frequently lose your car in parking lots (I know I do). You could hang the tag from your rear view mirror or place it on the dashboard and take the handset with you :).

​Cat owners use this pet tracker to locate their pets when they’re actually lost, when their cats have gone walkabout or even just when they want to call them in for dinner (what a fantastic feature).

Given the compact size of these Loc8tor mini homing tags it’s available to use with a range of animals including: cats, dogs, tortoises, ferrets, rabbits and free range chickens!

​The Loc8tor website claims that it will find it, quickly and easily, given that it’s much more accurate than any other finding device.

You will receive both an audio and visual cue via the credit card-sized handset that should lead you within an incredible 1 inch accuracy…

​…Something that no other location device can do.

The Loc8tor range of products are just wonderful for finding practically anything. If you or someone you knows loses things ALL the time then you’ll love stress-free living with Loc8tor.

​What Stands Out About The Loc8tor Lite Locator

how Loc8tor Lite works

In the picture Loc8tor Lite Pet Tracker​

​This pet locator is not just a pet locator. It is the
lightest and best performing mini homing tag and given
its compact size and weight it is the perfect solution
for tracking items throughout your house or elsewhere
that regularly go missing.

​It Works Through Doors And Walls

​It has the ability to work through doors and walls in
locating whatever you are looking for — cats, dogs,
keys, mobile phone…you name it

​Unsurpassable Accuracy

loc8tor accuracy

​No other finding or tracking device can be as accurate. You’ll be quickly and easily guided to
whatever item or pet you’ve tagged — accurate to within
1 inch (2.5 cms).

​The locator tags will also emit an audible beep as you

​Just press the call button easily located on your handset
and follow the beeps and lights until you’ve found what
you’re looking for.

​Up To 122 Metre Range

This Locator can track your cat, dog, ferret,
rabbit to up to 122 metres in a clear sight line.

​As it works easily through doors and walls you should be
able to find your tagged pet or item without any trouble
inside your house, and up and down the street

​Most cats are territorial and actually don’t like leaving home.

I have two cats next door who are left out all day
and they happily sit in the garden all day long.

This is perfect if you have a fenced enclosure and you know your pet won’t travel too far from home.

However, some cats or other animals are much more adventurous. If your pet has a habit of travelling far and wide from your home this may not be the ideal pet tracker for your needs. I’d suggest you read this review instead.

​Up To 7 Months Battery Life

loc8tor lite battery life

​While gps pet collars and other devices need to be
regularly charged this pet locator device has an
extremely long battery life – up to seven months. This
makes it really set and forget and the replacement
batteries are very affordable.

​Also when you are not actively tracking your pet — or a
specific item — it actually goes into passive mode so
that it can extend your battery life as long as possible.

​It’s The Smallest And Lightest Tag On The Market

​It weighs just 0.17 ounces which means you can attach the
super lightweight tag straight to your keyring. There
are also sticky tabs helpfully supplied which means it’s
super easy to attach it to your remote control, your
camera, your mobile phone, just about anything you can
think of.

​Who Is The Loc8tor Lite For & How Do You Use It?

loc8tor lite handheld device

In the picture Loc8tor Lite Pet Tracker​

​The device can be used anywhere, any time,
in any country as it uses a blend of traditional radio
frequency and other technologies.

​The user guide helpfully includes multiple languages.

​It’s specifically been created for to locate just about
anything. As far as pets go it’s suitable for
particularly small animals including cats, dogs,
tortoises, ferrets, rabbits, and even free range

​As far as personal items go it can also be used to
quickly and easily locate mobile phones, keys, cameras,
wallets, luggage, cars, provided they are all within

​What Animal Does Loc8tor Lite Track?

​It can easily locate particularly small animals due to
its size and weight including dogs, cats, tortoises,
rabbits, ferrets, chickens.  This is what the website and user manual indicated.

I sought clarification from the manufacturer and received this response to my email:​

​How Is The Loc8tor Lite Attached?

​After you’re registered your mini homing tag to your
small handset you simply insert the tag into the
splashproof tag case if required. It can then be
attached to a pet’s collar with the split, or, with the
sticky tabs that are included to personal items.

NOTE:  2 Keyring loops are included in the pack.​

​Does Loc8tor Lite Withstand The Environment?

​To an extent but it does not come with splashproof covers for protection.  However, I do share a tip to help you protect these homing tags from waterproof damage below in my review :).

​Is Loc8tor Lite Waterproof?

No, if this is important to you then I highly recommend you read my review about this Loc8tor tracking device that is waterproof when used with its protective covers.​

​How Many Pets Or Items Does Loc8tor Lite Track?

​The Loc8tor Lite Locator will track up to 4 items or
pets. Note that 2 mini homing tags are included in the
pack so if you want to track four items or pets you will
just need to purchase an additional two tags

​Which Devices Is Loc8tor Lite Compatible With?

​You don’t need to have a device for it to work. It works
via the handheld device only. Note: You will not
receive alerts via a smartphone if your pet has wandered
too far. It’s not a tracker but a locator.

​Are There Any Other Costs After Loc8tor Lite Purchase?

​No other than batteries when they are needed there aren’t
any additional costs as it is not a pet gps locator and
doesn’t rely on a cellular network.

NOTE: This relies on radio frequency.   Click here to read my reviews of more RF pet trackers:  Loc8tor Pet Handheld Cat Locator, and the Marco Polo Pet Monitoring, Tracking & Recovery System.​​​

If you are looking for a pet tracker that uses GPS technology here are GPS pet trackers that I have reviewed:  Tractive GPS Pet Tracker, Tagg Pet GPS Plus​.

​Can You Use Loc8tor Lite Just Through A Web Browser?

​Again, no. It relies solely on the handset.

​What Is The Battery Life Of The Loc8tor Lite Like?

​Loc8tor has a great reputation for creating products with
a long battery life and this is no exception. It will
last up to 7 months.

​Loc8tor Lite Dimensions

The tag weighs only .17 ounces.

The tag is 7.9 x 7.9 x 2 inches.

The handset is the size of a credit card.​

Loc8tor Lite Review Video

​Loc8tor Lite Pros, Cons & Manual

​Loc8tor Lite Pros

​The Loc8tor Lite location device is more than a pet locator but a useful product to find just about anything.

In the picture Loc8tor Lite Pet Tracker​

track personal items

​People love the fact that they can stick it on
practically everything. Many owners use it on multiple
pets or items and happily buy more for family and

​Common items owners use them for are wallets, key chains,
safe keys, storage keys, luggage.

never lose luggage with Loc8tor Lite

​In fact, cruise holiday-makers are one of the groups that
consider the Loc8tor Lite a great investment when trying
to find their luggage quickly inside the crowded cruise
terminal :).

​A school teacher actually added it to his keyring as some
of his mischievous students are hiding his personal
items. It proved such a success when his keys were
recently hidden that all the female teaching staff have
decided to buy one for their own husbands!!

​As it’s not a gps tracking device there are no ongoing
fees with the use of a cellular network.

​It can also be used in any country due to the RF being

​When your pack arrives you’ll be able to add the mini
homing tags to either two pets or two devices — or one
of each :).

​As it can locate up to 4 things you have the option to
purchase two extra homing tags.

​The accuracy of Loc8tor products is truly second to none
with within 1 inch pinpoint accuracy and this tracking device is no exception.

​Due to its compact size and weight it is suitable for
smaller pets who cannot cope with the size or weight or a
normal location device.

​It is a particularly popular option for tracking/locating your small curious kitten!

Your pets can soon start to associate the beep with food or receiving treats.

​It can also save you having to look for your cat before
you close the door and go to work. As soon as you turn
it on and point it around it should tell you if your cat
is still in the house.

​The battery life is world class which makes it super
convenient to use and really set and forget.

​The locator device comes with a holder and a magnet for
quick mounting on your refrigerator.

​It will work in a large house through walls and floors.

Many users have been using this locating device for a number of years and still highly recommend this great product.

​The 2 year warranty is also a great feature

​TIP: Snip the fingers from latex gloves for wrapping the homing tags in before placing them in the silicone sleeves as it will keep them waterproof.

​Loc8tor Lite Cons

The Locator doesn’t allow you to set up a
pet safe zone so if your pet wanders off more than 400
feet this device is not going to be able to tell you
where they are.

​Having said that, one 75 yr old retired technician got a
range up to 700 feet when he set his tag on top of a
wooden fence post and started walking!

I went through the manual and found this helpful estimate range, depending on what it’s used for.  Consumers have experienced quite a wide varying range size.

Loc8tor Lite Estimate Range

​As it doesn’t work with your web browser or smart phone
you’re not going to receive any maps or directions, you
will just have to rely on the beeps and lights to guide
you as you go through the search process.

​It is not a pet activity tracker.

​One user suggested that in future releases that the
volume setting button be moved so that it’s not directly
opposite the power on/off button as they had found when
squeezing the power button they’ve accidentally switched
off the sound.

​One user commented that it doesn’t find her cat when it
goes over the nextdoor neighbour’s fence but I have found
a vast number of reviews that say otherwise.

​It has been mentioned that the tag does not beep loudly,
however, that can be a real pro if you are using this on
pets with small sensitive ears or pets that scare easily

​Some comments have also been made that the reach is less
than the claimed 400 feet.

​Some comments have also been made that the signal
accuracy can also be quite variable.

One user did not find it helpful at locating his cat in his backyard within range.

​Loc8tor Lite: Manual

​Loc8tor Lite Features

  • More Accurate Than Any Other Locating Device
  • Locates Animals As Well As Personal Items
  • Pinpoint Accuracy To Within 2.5 Cms
  • Up To 122 Metre Range
  • Battery Lasting Up To 7 Months
  • Smallest, Lightest Tag On The Market
  • No Monthly Charges
  • Does Not Require Cellular Network

What Comes With The Loc8tor Lite

  • 1 Loc8tor Lite Handset
  • 2 Mini Homing Tags
  • 2 Keyring Loops
  • Adhesive Squares
  • 1 Fridge Mount
  • Multi Language User Guide
  • All Batteries Included

Loc8tor Lite Price – Is It Worth The Money

​This tracking device is great value for money.  Ultimately no price can be put on your sanity, and being able to quickly locate your pet or any other personal item that you frequently misplace.

At the time of writing you can get the Loc8tor Lite
Locator from Amazon
for a great price which makes it one of the more affordable options.

Loc8tor Lite Consumer Reviews

​My review is based on an indepth
investigation and overall review including extensive
research online as well as many days spent reading the
reviews that consumers have left after using this locator

​I have shared many of the pros and cons of this pet tracker up above.

This specific model is very popular and comes highly recommended.

There are large number of positive reviews
for the Loc8tor Lite device from both pet owners and
consumers using them solely to keep track of their
valuables and it is consistently given a very high star

​Owners love the fact that not only will it locate their
treasured pets but it works just as well to locate their
personal items thus saving them valuable time and stress
trying to find these things without them.

​You’ll never be late again having to look for your phone,
keys, wallet.

​You should even be able to find your car if you’re
someone who regularly loses it — like me — in confusing
car parks!

​The combination of affordability and reliability make
this location device something that consumers can’t live
without it.

​You can read all the reviews here.

My Final Thoughts

I always find it SO fascinating investigating what a location device does and the Loc8tor Lite is NO

​It is well loved. In fact, so well loved that 1000s of
people worldwide can’t live without it and rely on it on
a regular basis to find not only their furry friends but
also their valuables throughout the house (or hidden by
sneaky school students ;).

​Not only are users using their homing tags throughout
their home but they’re also buying more for their loved

​This is a true sign of a highly regarded product.

​The pinpoint accuracy to 1 inch is just beyond compare
and is one of the best loved features.

​This pet locator is easy to start using and its compact
weight and size means it interferes little both around
your pet’s neck and also attached to your keys, and other

​I very happily give it a 4 out of 5 star rating.

​Where To Buy The Loc8tor Lite

​You’ll find the store that consistently has it for the
lowest price below (with free shipping an option).

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