Cat Tracker & Cat GPS Collar Buying Guide – Read This First

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Chances are if you’ve got a cat or a curious kitten then you’ve got a gorgeous feline creature that loves exploring, getting itself into tight spaces…

…as well as regularly challenging the theory that it has nine lives, am I right?

Well, to give you peace of mind and to keep your curious cat safe and sound it’s time to learn about cat trackers and cat gps collars that are on the market.

Careful consideration must be given when choosing a cat tracker as cats come in varying sizes and some pet trackers are suitable for larger animals while others have been specifically made for smaller animals and even solely for cats.​

​There Are Countless Benefits To Having A Cat Tracker Or Cat GPS Collar

​We all know that cats are very curious creatures and many times your cat won’t actually be lost but stuck somewhere. Sometimes they have a chance of being found, while other times no-one is going to be passing them by any time soon.

​An accurate cat tracker should guide you straight to them so you can quickly and easily bring them back safe and sound.

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​A quality cat tracker and cat gps collar will actually direct you to your cat’s exact location.

​When you buy a cat tracker that has a considerable range you should be able to easily find your cat whether it’s in your house, under your house or on top of your house :).

​You should also be able to find them quickly in neighbouring gardens and streets.

​Some cat trackers can also train your cat to come home for dinner.

​Cat Tracker & Cat GPS Collar Selection – It Starts Here

​Now first things first, when you are looking to buy a cat pet tracker you need to put together as much information about your cat as possible.

​If you don’t have a good understanding of your pet and their day to day activities then you may end up buying the wrong cat tracker for them.

​Cat Tracker & Cat GPS Collar Size Recommendations

​The first thing you need to consider is the size of your cat and how heavy it is.

​Cat trackers and cat gps collars are usually for cats of a certain size.

​For example, the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is highly recommended for both dogs and cats but it is recommended for pets over 9 pounds.

The Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker has a large array of features for both dogs and cats and it is recommended for pets over 8 pounds.

​The Marco Polo Pet Monitoring System is suitable for dogs and larger sized cats (though I’m not talking about cats in the wild when I say large cats). If you are actually looking for a cat gps collar specifically then the Marco Polo Pet System isn’t for you as it doesn’t rely on GPS but radio frequency.

​At the end of the day you should have a fair idea by looking at your cat whether it’s a large sized cat or a smaller variety.

​What If You Don’t Know Your Cat’s Weight?

​Then I’d recommend giving the veterinarian you go to a quick call as they will have their last recorded weight on record.

​Cat Tracker & Cat GPS Collar Range – This Is Important

​The next thing you need to consider after weight is what does your cat do on a daily basis? If they spend time outside do you know if they travel a fair distance or just stay in the backyard?

​For example, my neighbours have two cats who stay outside all day when their owners are at work. The interesting thing is that these cats love being outside but they very happily never leave the backyard.

​In that case, you can quite happily have a cat tracker or cat gps collar that has a smaller range because you know that your cat doesn’t travel far from home.

loc8tor mini homing tags

​Loc8tor have specifically created a cat tracker with the smallest and lightest cat tracking tag available. It has a range of up to 122 metres and also has up to 1 inch accuracy. A great feature is the fact that you can also train your cat to return home if you time the use of it with feeding your cat :). Click here to read about the Loc8tor Handheld Cat Tracker.

​Now if you’re after a cat gps collar specifically the cat tracker above is not for you as it relies on radio frequency and not GPS.

​In my extensive research into cat tracking devices there are two highly recommended cat gps collars. They include the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker that I have extensively reviewed on my site and it gets my top recommendation; and also the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker which I have also investigated and reviewed in depth on my site.

Quite a few Tagg users have commented that they felt the Tagg gps tags were too big and switched over to the Tractive gps pet tracker and were very happy with it.

Now as I’ve indicated, the size and weight of your pet is something very important when choosing a cat gps collar. Both of the Tractive and Tagg cat gps collars allow you to create safe zones and you can also receive alerts via your phone should your cat leave the safe zone.

​Cat Tracker & Cat GPS Collar Summary

​If your cat weighs less than 9 or 10 pounds then I would recommend the Loc8tor Cat Tracker. It has been built specifically for cats and their habits and is also the smallest and lightest cat tracking tag on the market today.

Tractive GPS How It Works

​If your cat weighs more than 9 or 10 pounds then you have more options. They include the Loc8tor Cat Tracker and also the cat gps collars: the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker and the Tagg Pet GPS Plus. Be sure to read my sections detailing the pros and cons of each of these cat trackers to help you with your choice today.

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