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compare pet trackers

Are you looking to compare pet trackers?  Then welcome to my comparison table for the best pet trackers :).

This was REALLY fun creating this for you.

Let me show you how to make best use of it.

If you want to read any of the pet tracker reviews I’ve done just click on the model name and you’ll be taken straight to my review.

If you want to find out the current best price for the pet tracker from where I think you will get the best deal just click on the price next to the model number.

If you want to sort/filter the columns just click on the small arrows and have some fun with them.

Compare Pet Trackers Below – It’s Lots Of Fun!

Model Relies On Cellular Network Long Battery Life Maps & Directions Smartphone Alerts Activity Tracker Long Range Tracks Personal Items Tracks Multiple Pets
Tractive GPS Pet Yes No Yes Yes No Yes No No

Tagg Pet GPS
Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

Marco Polo System
No Yes No No No Yes No Yes

Loc8tor Pet Tracker
No Yes No No No No No Yes

Loc8tor Lite
No Yes No No No Yes Yes
POD 2 GPS Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No No
DOTT Pet Tracker Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

This is a completely sortable comparison table of the best pet trackers so that you can quickly and easily compare pet trackers and their most popular features.

Enjoy having a quick overview of the best pet trackers for your use just using the comparison table I’ve created above. This provides a condensed snapshot of each pet tracker that we’ve investigated and done a thorough review on. You can quickly and easily sort and filter any of the column headings. You can also use the search box by entering a brand, a specific model number or any other search criteria to filter the results just as you like them. Enjoy 🙂

Click the pet tracker model name to visit our review of that pet tracker.

Click on the pet tracker price to check today’s price and in-stock conditions.

Click here to read “how does a pet tracking device work”.

Compare pet trackers fast by following these tips:

If you want to narrow down the list of pet trackers then the pet tracker search box at the top of the table is for you.

If you only want to search for Loc8tor pet trackers then put that in the box and all other pet trackers will be removed from the list.

If you are only interested in pet trackers with smartphone alerts then search for smartphone alerts.

If you want a pet tracker with a long range then just type in long range and all others will be removed from the list.

I told you this was fun!!

If you enjoy using my pet tracker comparison table then please leave a comment and let me know and feel free to share it with your friends.

Karin 🙂

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