Best Indestructible Dog Toys – Everything you need to know

Welcome to Best Pet Trackers 🙂 Today we are looking at the best indestructible dog toys, the different types available, why they are a great idea for your dog as well as our top picks. We hope to help you make the right choice for you and your dog.

Having a loyal, loving and playful dog that never leaves you alone is a feeling that no non-dog owner would understand. However, some breeds such as Labradors, Retrievers and German Shepherds, are aggressive chewers and love to pull and wreck on things that are not attached to a strict base. They would do anything and everything to calm their never-ending excitement— meaning continuous tearing around the house and resulting in a complete mess. In fact, if you have one, you must be tired of getting new dog toys every other day as your pooch ruins the previous one.

But the question is‒ is there no way out of this vigorous chewing problem? Yes, there is! There are special dog toys that are designed to withstand continuous aggressive chewing and hold up to the roughest of the rough dogs’ playtimes. These are ‘indestructible’ or tough dog toys made with stronger durable materials for the enthusiastic breeds to chew through.

why should you switch indestructible Doy toys

Keeping aside the durability factors for later, the foremost reason for you to turn to tough dog toys for your mate is their safety. Chewing on weak silicone or rubber materials can result in swallowing of the broken parts, leading to choking or indigestion. To avoid this, you need indestructible toys for your dog that would not split into multiple chunks and prevent ingestion of the material.

Further, these strong toys are hard enough to endure anxious jaws and keep the chewing habit in a healthy form. Not only does it safeguard your dog’s tendency, but also keeps it engaged in its own playtime antics to give you some more time to work. Moreover, saving those extra bucks previously spent on dog toys is just another bonus point, isn’t it?

how to find the best materials for tough dog toys?

Most of all the dog toy manufacturers claim their products to be ‘indestructible’, but only a few pass the practical test. The best way out is checking upon the material and design of the toys.

materials to look for

  • Hard Rubber– Most tough toy makers prefer hard rubber as rubber is soft and smooth, yet durable and closest to being indestructible. Go for quality rubber with malleable edges that are soft enough to not harm the inside of your pet’s mouth.
  • Fibrous Rope– Another popular and great material that the best indestructible dog toys are made up of is thick, fibrous rope. It is tested to be strong enough to withstand aggressive or continuous chewing. Moreover, rope-style toys are easy to clean and machine washable. Go for thick cotton rope toys that have a huge number of threads.

materials to avoid

  • Plush or Fleece– Stuffed toys or toys made with plush material can appear to be attractive and are comparatively cheaper, but they tend to tear apart quickly and easily. Also, the material is harmful if engulfed.
  • Latex or Vinyl– Toys made with latex or vinyl fail the durability test, meaning they are easily destructible. Furthermore, these are often designed with sharp edges or stuffed with squeakers that you don’t wish to get your dogs to play or chew.

our top picks for indestructible dog toys

To guide you through your selection of the right indestructible toy, we have put together some of the products that passed our screening (in no particular order) according to the most endurable materials and the materials that are a big ‘no’.

kong toy range

indestructible dog toys

Kong is one of the leading dog toy manufacturers with a wide range of super tough and quality products. Be it be Kong Extreme Dog Toy that is often considered to be the world’s strongest chew toy, Kong Tugga Wubba Dog Toy designed for dogs that love to tug and toss, Kong Dog Toys Goodie Bone made with strong natural rubber to be puncture resistant, Kongs Wobbler Toy designed to control quick eating dogs or Kong Squeezz Toy for your squeaky loving dogs, the products have never failed to withstand any kind of chewing. Users love the wide range of sizes, shapes and colors in all the Kong Toy variants and usually find one perfect toy out of the list that their dog is satisfied with.

tuffy mega boomerang

One of the very few fabric dog toys that withstand aggressive chewing, Tuffy Mega Boomerang is an extra tough, soft toy available in several colors and patterns. It is designed with multiple layers of luggage grade material in cross stitches and webs for durability, and its fabric design allows it to float making it a perfect Frisbee fetch or tug of war toy. So forget the damage worries and just get ready for some real playtime with our dog!


nylabone t-rex

indestructible dot toys bone

USA manufactured Nylabone T-Rex is a dental chew dog toy designed in the shape of a dinosaur for your dog to play and clean its teeth simultaneously. Its rounded nubs and bristles control the plague and tartar build-up in the pet’s mouth as it chews. The material is strong and tough to prevent withering and is suitable for dogs up to 20 kgs. Apart from the T-Rex, the Nylabone range comes with other options that feature Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus so that no dog gets bored.

West Paw Design Zogoflex Rumbl Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy

If you love to feed your dog while it plays, West Paw Design Zogoflex Rumbl Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy is the right product for you. It is made using extremely tough material and is designed to be hollow for you to insert treats that are dispensed as the dog plays. Not only does your dog satisfy its vigorous chewing but also stays stimulated with the floating, bouncing and fetching of the ball. Most of the reviewers appreciate the tough material and easy to clean quality of the product.


final thoughts

The products mentioned above are amazing and perfect for your aggressive chewer. While selecting one, consider your dog’s chewing habits and go for hard materials that are strong enough to endure the chewing but not too harsh for the pet’s mouth.

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