My Dog Has Separation Anxiety – No Anxiety Medication For Dogs Needed

I can tell that you are a concerned dog lover and you are right to wonder what to do if separation anxiety is an issue when you leave your pet home alone.

Unfortunately, as much as we love our dogs and cats it’s just not possible to be home 24 hours a day 7 days a week if your career or other commitments are outside the home.

As much as we love the companionship of our furry friends, sometimes we have to walk out the door leaving their sad faces on the other side and some dogs just hate being along and suffer from a lot of anxiety and can also get up to a lot of mischief.

You shouldn’t overlook any anxiety symptoms that your dog may be displaying such as crying, howling, shaking; or more destructive, less emotional symptoms, such as chewing up shoes, pillows, chairs, and carpet.

Your dog is actually trying to tell you something when he does this and he really wants you to listen.

Yes, there is anxiety medication for dogs such as prozac but that’s quite an extreme remedy, don’t you think?

By the time you finish reading my blog post you’ll be thinking of a whole new anxious dog remedy that you never knew existed :).​

But first let’s look at a few reasons why your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety when you are away from them.

1.  Boredom

Lack of exercise could be an issue and you may need to make more of an effort taking him for a walk every day.​

2.  Confinement​

Do you know there are some breeds that are more tolerant of being home alone than others.​

3.  ​Trauma

​If you have a rescue dog, for example, it stands to reason that they have gone through some kind of trauma and can be extremely skittish and distrusting of people.

​So Let’s Now Look At How To Calm An Anxious Dog Without Having To Resort To Dog Calming Pills

Wearable technology is a relatively new thing but do you know there are special tech gadgets now on the market that have been specially created to bring you closer to your pet?

Let me introduce you to the pet camera…

No, it’s not a camera that attaches to your dog’s collar and films what a day in their life looks like.

It’s actually a camera that is connected to your home wifi and it allows you to connect to your pet in incredible ways when you are away from them…

…Be in long hours in the office, away for a few hours, out for lunch, or even when they are being “petsat” when you are away on vacation.​

You can read my in depth pet camera reviews here**

​Let me give you an idea of what the best pet cameras can do to help you bring some happiness and peace to both you and your pet when you are away from home.

1. PetChatz VideoPhone​

With this interactive pet camera you can take photos, record videos, speak to your pet and also hear what they say back to you.

​But here where it gets pretty amazing…

​…It also has a calming scent dispenser inside so that when you say hello to four legged friend when you’re not at home and you can tell that they’re getting anxious, you can remotely dispense the scent via your SmartPhone and it will help relax them.

What makes this pet camera even more incredible is the fact that with the PawCall accessory your pet can actually press it and call you when it wants to. Can you imagine that?

Click here to read all about PetChatz’ wonderful features and what other pet owners love about it.

​2. Petzi Treat Cam

Petzi Treat Cam

As the name suggests Petzi is a pet camera but it’s also a treat dispenser. While it doesn’t have a microphone what it does have is Night Vision so that if you are away from home at night you’ll be able to see your pet on the camera much more easily than any other pet camera.

Click here to read all about Petzi Treat Cam’s wonderful features and what other pet owners love about it.​

3. PetCube​

petcube works with smartphone

​This one is one of the earliest pet cameras on the market and while it doesn’t have a treat dispenser it does have something very popular — particularly, if you have pets.

It comes with an interactive laser pointer so that you can actually play with your pet with the pointer and distract them and entertain them when anxiety or stress start to take over.

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​4. Pawbo

​This one has a lot of potential because it actually is a pet camera, it’s a treat dispenser AND it has a laser pointer function as well. You can actually record videos with it and it has a HD camera and microphone.

Some pet owners have found though that it doesn’t live up to the hype and I’m left wondering if trying to have all the best features in a pet camera is too hard for this technology to handle. On the other hand, many pet owners love it.

Click here to read all about Pawbo’s wonderful features and what other pet owners have to say about it.

It is really incredible that in this day and age technology is being created that allows us to connect with our dogs and cats in ways never before possible.

I think as a pet owner this is something that should be taken full advantage of.

Pet camera advances in technology allow us to view them live on our Smartphone, say hello when we want to and scold them when they are being destructive.

But it doesn’t stop there…

…We can now reward their good behaviour with a treat when we’re not home, play interactive laser games with them and even emit a calming scent from our pet camera to calm them down when they are feeling anxious.

Forgot prozac for dogs and dog calming pills…

…if you’ve got a SmartPhone and an inexpensive pet camera you have incredible dog separation anxiety solutions literally in the palm of your hand.​

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