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Petchatz review

PetChatz is a new pet camera on the block. But some people claim it’s not as good as it could be. Find out the truth in my in depth review here.

Welcome to my review of the PetChatz HD Greet & Treat VideoPhone.

Are you wondering what all the fuss is about the PetChatz VideoPhone?

Do you have an anxious dog or cat that you’d love to connect with when you’re away from home?

Are you wondering what the PetChatz Customer Service is like?

Wonder no more as all these questions and much more will be answered in my very in depth PetChatz HD Greet & Treat VideoPhone review.

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If you are a pet tech fan and want the ability to connect with your beautiful furry loved ones via video as well as greet and treat them then you are just going to salivate over the PetChatz Greet & Treat VideoPhone.  This is NOT just a pet camera…it’s also a pet phone where your pet can actually call you!

Every pet tech gadget review I create goes into a large amount of detail so that you are as informed as possible when it comes to choosing a pet camera today.

I’ll discuss who it’s best suited for, what PetChatz owners particularly love about it (and that’s a lot), and also if I think there is any room for improvement.

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Pet Camera Buying Tips

Petchatz review
  • It’s Easy To Setup
  • The Petcam App Is Reliable
  • It’s Built To Last
  • High Image Quality
  • High Audio Quality

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I will also show you a lot of images of the PetChatz VideoPhone so that you can easily imagine how it will fit into your lives.

You may discover as you read my review that another pet camera or video phone will be better suited to your needs.

I’m also going to be giving you the most up to date information on what dog and cat owners are actually saying about the PetChatz VideoPhone after using it themselves with their pets.

So, without further adieu, let’s get started with my PetChatz Greet & Treat Video Phone Review, shall we…

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So let’s dig in and talk about pet cameras, which ones are the best to buy, and which you should avoid at all costs :).

Introducing The PetChatz-Greet and Treat VideoPhone in HD




Our pets are becoming more and more like family…

With quite amazing advancements in technology, you can now be with them even when you’re not home. This makes both the owner and the pet feel more connected.

There are many pet video cams on the market but PetChatz Greet & Treat Videophone is one of the best, if not THE best!

This is a two way communication device that allows you to stay connected to your pet no matter where you are.

This is great for those of you who travel with work, or are gone during the holidays, or just are keen to connect with your dog or cat when you’re at work.

Not only can you talk to your pets, you will also be able to reward them for their good behavior with a treat.

What Stands Out About The PetChatz Greet and Treat VideoPhone

A World First – Calming Scents

Unlike other pet video systems, the PetChatz allows you to treat your pet anytime you like and also provide a calming scent if you feel your pet needs it at any time.

See, Hear, Speak, Treat & Give Comfort

You can be anywhere in the world, and still be able to see, hear, speak, provide comfort to your pet, and give them a treat. All of this is possible with the use of a smart phone or computer.

Train Your Dog Or Cat To Call You!​


An incredible add-on feature is the ability to actually train your dog or cat to call you with the PetChatz PawCall :).

Watch How Easy It Is To Train Your Pet For PetChatz

Who Is The PetChatz-Greet and Treat VideoPhone For?

The PetChatz is for those who adore being with their pets, and want to interact with them while they are away.

Nothing is worse than feeling guilty about leaving your pet at home.

If you are able to check in on them, give them a little bit of comfort, see that they are alright, then you will not feel as bad when you have to leave them at home.

What Does The PetChatz-Greet and Treat VideoPhone Do?


PetChatz is much more than your typical pet video. It allows you to interact with your pet as if you were right there in the same room.

You will be able to see, hear, and talk to your pet through the PetChatz device that is installed in your home with the use of a smartphone or computer.

While communicating, the PetChatz will allow you to provide comforting scents to your pet, as well as a treat.

It is among the top pet video systems available on the market, and offers more than its competitors. It comes with a treat dispenser, as well as a scent dispenser that releases calming scents.

PetChatz also has sound and motion detectors which will alert you when your pet is up and active. This will allow you to interact with them when they are awake.

The PetChatz system will record video and sound, as well as let you take pictures of your pet.

What Makes The PetChatz-Greet and Treat VideoPhone Unique?

Petchatz is amazing


PetChatz allows you to stay connected with your pet and provide comfort to them throughout the day. There are loads of pet video devices available, but PetChatz is the first to offer soothing scents.

The design is pet friendly, and allows you the chance to capture memories of your pet by recording or taking videos or pictures.

PetChatz also offers a PawCall accessory, which allows your pet to call you. This is a fun and interactive way to be with your pet all day long.

How exciting would it be to get a call from your dog or cat while at work?

This is now possible with PetChatz.

You have the ability to schedule call times through your PetChatz web app. The paw on the call button will blink when it is ok for your pet to call. Out of curiosity your pet is sure to touch the button, and initiate a two way call to you over the PetChatz system.

How Does The PetChatz-Greet and Treat VideoPhone Work?


Petchatz review - how it works

Your PetChatz system will need to be mounted over any electrical outlet within your home. The system will then need to be screwed to the wall so that it is secure. The system is designed to be completely pet friendly. In case you’re wondering, it is designed with chew resistant material which is made to last.

Once you have the system installed, you will want to connect it to your home WiFi network. You can download the PetChatz app on your smartphone or tablet, or log onto the website with a computer.

Be sure to load the scent dispenser with scent pads, as well as placing some treats in the treat dispenser. Scent pads can be customized according to your pet’s favorite scents.

Once the system is installed, you can interact with your pet on the PetChantz color screen monitor.

How Do You Access The PetChatz-Greet and Treat VideoPhone?


The PetChatz system works with your home WiFi network. You can gain access with the use of an iPhone, iPad or computer. You simply download the PetChatz app to your smartphone, and step through the user friendly interface to interact with your pet.

Petchatz is amazing

If you are using a computer, you will need to log into the PetChatz website. An app for Android users is currently being developed. If this isn’t suitable for you then you may want to consider other interactive pet cameras.

Is The PetChatz-Greet and Treat VideoPhone Waterproof?


PetChatz is recommended for indoor use only. It does not specify that it is waterproof.

Are There Any Costs After Purchasing?


unlimited chat time with Petchatz

PetChatz allows pet owners to interact with their pets absolutely free. There is no limit to chat times or monthly fees. You can enjoy interacting with your pets without worrying about a bill.

Does It Work Overseas?


The innovators of PetChatz designed the system to work all over the world, but at this time it works in the US and Canada.

​PetChatz Greet & Treat Video Demonstration

Pros, Cons & Instruction Manual​

PetChatz Pros​

At the time of writing my review, the PetChatz Greet ant Treat VideoPhone system has received an incredible 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon which is nothing short of extraordinary.

Consumers seem to be very pleased with the unit overall, as 88% of those who reviewed PetChatz gave it a 5 star rating.

There are a ton of things that buyers love about this but easy setup and the fact that it’s user friendly is a much loved feature. I have also seen customer after customer rave about the customer service provided by the company (which I think is a rare thing these days).

The ability to interact with your pet like never before makes this one of the most popular pet tech products on the market.

Record video and sound, as well as take pictures.

The calming scent feature is considered real plus for anxious pets.​

PetChatz Cons​

I’ve got to be upfront with you here, buyers really have very little negative to say about this wonderful tech gadget.   ​

The inventors of PetChatz continue to improve the system, and are dedicated to ensuring all their customers are pleased with their PetChatz experience which is evidenced again by the praise heaped on the customer service department.

Howeer, if you want me to really try and find something negative, here are a few things that a handful of buyers had to say…lack of night vision, the fact that the camera had low resolution, and sound quality was a bit lacking for some…but really nothing to write home about.

PetChatz Greet & Treat VideoPhone Manual Online:  Manual​

PetChatz Features

  • Pet friendly design, constructed with chew resistant material and made to last
  • Sound and motion detectors
  • Works with home WiFi connection so you can interact with your pet while you are not at home
  • Link to the PetChatz system with the use of a SmartPhone, Tablet Or Computer
  • Two way colour video and sound
  • Record video and sound
  • Take pictures
  • Sound and motion detectors
  • Treat and scent dispensers
  • Low treat level indicator

PetChatz Greet & Treat – What’s In The Box

When you buy the PetChatz Greet and Treat VideoPhone System, you will get everything you need to set up the system efficiently.

  • The PetChatz unit together with mounting bracket
  • A starter PetChatz Treatz pack
  • A starter pack of PetChatz Scentz pads
  • A PetChatz Scentz Essential Oil Drops (calm) Sample
  • Setup instructions

PetChatz HD Greet & Treat VideoPhone – Where To Buy

At the time of writing the PetChatz VideoPhone is available with free shipping as an option in the US.

Check it out below to see the PetChatz HD VideoPhone & Today’s Savings:​

Greet, Treat, Calm & Call With PetChatz

PetChatz Consumer Reviews

Those who have reviewed the PetChatz Greet and Treat VideoPhone System are extremely pleased about it.

Petchatz review

One of the most loved features is the fact that your dog or cat can learn to recognize the musical tune and come running to the PetChatz as soon as they hear it.

Professional dog trainers also love the fact that they can reward quiet behavior instead of barking. Of course it’s considered a must if your dog or cat suffers from separation anxiety when you are away.

One very happy customer went to far as saying that they thought it was the best purchase they’d made in the last five years – fullstop!

My Final Thoughts

PetChatz allows pet owners to interact with their pets while away from home. It gives both the owner and the pet peace of mind. There are many features included with the PetChatz, which sets it apart from its competitors. These include the treat and scent dispensers, two way video, ability to record sound and video, as well as take pictures; not to mention the PawCall add-on.

Overall, consumers are pleasantly surprised by this system as am I. It is very user friendly, and there are no hidden cost involved. Pet owners have unlimited access to chatting with their pets. If you consider your pet a part of your family, and often feel guilty for leaving them alone, you should give PetChatz a try.  I guarantee that you will be very happy.

The PetChatz sells out FAST so don’t delay in ordering your PetChatz today.​ I give it 5/5 stars.

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Greet, Treat, Calm & Call With PetChatz