Best Dog Shoes – A Dog’s Feet Need An Equal Amount Of Attention As Ours

Welcome to Best Pet Trackers 🙂 Today we are looking at the best dog shoes, the different types available, how to select the right ones? As well as our top picks. We hope to help you make the right choice for you and your dog.

dog boots

Dogs are like the child of a family, the centre of our universe. Though our furry friends are thought to be extremely resilient, that is a common misconception, as many breeds of dogs can be quite delicate. Pooch parents are extremely vigilante towards the needs of their pets.

Our pets are never confined to the homes, they are outdoors and some a little more adventurous than others. Sometimes our best friends tag along with us to trips such as hiking over mountainous trails and hot beaches, and even the daily walks across the year are on the asphalt road, which in summers can be burning hot and in winters icy and filled with salt to make it motor-able.

Extreme weather conditions can cause injuries like blisters, burns, redness, cracks, etc. to a dog’s paw, and particles often get stuck between the paws. The solution for this is to get your dog the shoes they deserve.

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things to be aware of when purchasing dog shoes

Our furry friends are very similar to us. So just like we wear shoes to protect the soles of our feet, our dogs need dog shoes to protect their paws. Dog shoes are custom-made keeping in mind their requirements. The things to consider while buying dog shoes are:

  1. Proper fit-  While measuring the size of your dog’s paw, draw an outline of his/her feet, and with a measuring tape, measure from the top-most part to the heel. Always go for a size bigger, if the size of the paw falls between two boot sizes. Every brand has a different measurement. Thus, you should check the size chart before making your decision.
  2. Easy to wear- Get boots with a wide split as its easier to manoeuvre your stubborn pet to wear their shoes.
  3. Comfortable straps- Velcro straps are the best, as they help to hold the shoes together, and cannot easily be opened by your pets.
  4. Durable and breathable material- Opt for the material which allows for proper ventilation and is made up of a soft material. The shoes will then provide comfort to the dog and not create further discomfort.
  5. Water resistance- Dry feet help in keeping a dog healthy. So make sure the material has low water retention.
  6. High visibility markers- Reflective patches help your pooch to be visible at night, and they become easier to track.
  7. Aesthetically pleasing- A fashion-forward pet is an eye candy in a crowd, and who doesn’t like a little attention!

some of the best-rated dog shoes by customers

muttluks fleece-lined dog boots

These booties are appropriate for the winter months, as the fleece-lined interiors will keep the paws warm. A wide range of sizes are available from XS to XXL. They also come with genuine leather soles, which offer maximum comfort. Reflective straps and self-tightening straps make it popular among the buyers. The price may seem to be a bit on the higher side, but it is worth the investment. These dog shoes have some of the widest range of colour options like black, blue, green, orange, red and pink. It is available on Amazon with a base price of $35.98. The prices depend on the size.

QUMY Dog Boots


As the name suggests, these dog shoes will help to keep your dogs hopping around all year round. Be it under the Sun or in the rain, My Busy Dog Boots are their favourite partner in crime.  These dog shoes are extremely water resistant, and will this help to keep your pooch’s paw dry and prevent them from falling sick. These are also handy during the summers, and with durable soles, they help to protect your pet’s soles from any sharp objects. The rugged anti-slip soles and reflective straps make these a popular grab among dog owners. The colours available for qumy dog boots are black, green, orange and red and can easily fit the paws of most dogs with a width ranging from 1.5 to 3.25 inches. It costs $28.99 for a set of 4 shoes.

canine equipment boots

dog shoes

So are you an adventure lover? Do you love to take your dog along with you? But your best friend might end up with blisters on his/her feet, or some sharp-edged particles might hurt them, causing extreme agony. Canine Equipment Boots are the perfect solution for such problems that a thrill-seeking pooch parent might encounter.

These booties are made of recycled rubber soles, which provide a good grasp in rocky terrain. One stand-out feature of these shoes is that they have different dimensions for the front and back of their paws, to provide a snug fit. The material is extremely breathable, thus preventing sweat accumulation, and providing greater comfort. The reflective straps will help you locate your dog from far, and also prevent him/her from accidents. It is available in sizes ranging from XS to XL, and fits paws between 2 to 3.5 inches wide.

The only complaint about these fabulous shoes is that they are a tad too expensive. But the utility provided makes up for the cost. It is available online for $55.49.

ruufWear grip trex shoes

The RuffWear Grip Trex shoes are one of the best products in the market. These shoes are extremely durable and exhibit high performance in all kinds of weather. An adjustable Velcro strap helps to secure the booties to your dog’s feet. A breathable mesh on the upper part of the shoes allows dogs to wear it for a prolonged period, even during summer months. You can use it during winters as they can be worn during snowfall too. Waterproofing is done on the areas covering the sole and toe. These shoes can be easily washed in the machine. Black, blue and red are the three available colour options and come in 8 sizes between 1.5 inches and 3.25 inches.

final thoughts

There are a lot more options available for dog shoes, but the ones mentioned above have received greater accolades from pet owners. Buy booties that best suit your requirements and most importantly your pet, as comfort is of the paramount importance since our friends cannot speak for themselves; it falls on us to understand their wants and desires. Protect your dog’s feet and help them beat the icy surfaces of the coming winter months.

The right dog shoes can make you the favourite human for your pet, and for any dog lover, that is a coveted position. So hurry and buy one, now. Like a good pair of shoes can lift your mood, the same is applicable to your pet. Without further ado, make your furry friend stand apart in the crowd, and have people fawning over their style statement.

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