How To Find A Lost Dog fast& Missing Dog Recovery Resources

There is no worse moment than when you realise that your dog has gone missing.

how to find a lost dog

In your panic you wonder “what do I do”?

Put out a lost dog flyer or poster?

Is there such a thing as a missing dog website?

All these questions and more will be answered below…

Unfortunately around 10 million pets go missing every single year in the US alone.

There is some good news for you though if you have a missing dog…

…They are much more likely to have just gone missing rather than to have something more sinister to have happened to them.

So take a deep breath and use these helpful missing dog recovery resources to start your pet search today.

What To Do As Soon As You’ve Noticed Your Dog Is Missing


Your dog could be anywhere right now and wherever they are they should be home with you. There are important steps to follow. This helpful post gives important advice about what you should do as soon as you notice your pet is gone depending on where you are in the timeline of your search. It covers the first 24 hours.  It also covers phase 2, the next day in your pet search, and what to do if a few days have gone by and there’s still no sign of your dog.

Lost Dog Flyer Template


Try This Handy Lost Pet Flyer Template

If you’re looking for a lost pet flyer template then use this free template maker which you can add your pet’s image to as well as last seen and other important information.

How To Find Your Lost Dog – Check The Radius Likely Covered


This Will Help You Get An Idea Of The Radius Covered

If your dog has just gone missing you’ll find this article very helpful. It covers three things in a great deal of detail but the section “Why Pets Run Away And Where They Often Go” is a great place to start. Depending on your dog’s size you’ll learn the radius they’ve likely covered (most dogs ARE recovered well within a two-mile circle of their home). In this helpful post you’ll learn where pets often go when they run away and the first logical steps to take in your pet search.

Pet Search Recovery Tips


There Are Using Three Reasons A Dog Goes Missing

There are usually three reasons why a dog goes missing. The first is probably the most familiar, a gate’s been left open and the dog simply takes advantage of this and walks straight out the yard. The second reason is you have a dog that has a real wanderlust and takes every opportunity that he can to venture off into the great unknown (hound dogs, for example, are well known for their wanderlust). The third reason is simply the fact that your dog has gotten into a blind panic. This very helpful post from Missing Pet Partnership reveals the six major factors that influence the distance that a lost dog will travel.

Places Your Missing Dog Will End Up

If you are the owner of a dog that’s gone missing I can 100% guarantee that you are not thinking straight right now because you are so scared, anxious and worried. Most lost pet owners usually only do one or two things when their pet goes missing and that is usually not enough. In this very helpful post you will learn the most common places where lost dogs actually go. Make sure to read this important section in the post first to get the best understanding of possible places your dog might be found at. Then follow the helpful search plan provided.

Be Wary Of Pet Recovery Scams When Finding A Lost Dog

It’s hard to believe but there are people who take advantage of desperate pet owners looking for a lost dog. This helpful post provides helpful advice about what you should say if someone claims to have your pet as well as helpful sites to go to online to help you find your missing dog.

Heartwarming Moment Lost Dog Reunited With Owners 170 Miles From Home

See, there is such a thing as a happy ending when a dog goes missing.  Meet Paddy the Cairn Terrior. He was stolen from his home on 2 May 2016 and turned up 170 miles away. Read this happy post and find out how social media saved the day in the life of a very unhappy missing dog.

How To Avoid A Lost Dog Again In The Future

New technology has been created specifically to avoid your lost dog becoming a statistic again when they return home to you. This post reveals how small devices can be attached to your dog’s collar to give you complete peace of mind in the future.

avoid having a lost dog again

How To Avoid Having A Lost Dog Again

Good luck in your search for your missing dog x